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League Player Suspension List

Mitchell Barrett (Stanhope & Beaver Rangers FC)   1 match from 02/02/20- Denying obvious goal scoring opportunity.   Suspended for the fixture against Mersham Sports (22/3/20).

Adam Bellman (Mersham Sports FC Reserves)   1 match from 15/03/20- Second yellow card.   Suspended for the fixture against Kingsnorth Pilgrims (22/3/20).

Lee Hagger (Park Farm Rangers FC)   2 matches from 15/03/20- Use of offensive language.   Suspended for the fixtures against Lolzors Res (15/3/20) and AFC Guildhall (22/3/20).

Neil Hemstead (Singleton Barn FC)   1 match from 04/02/20- Improper conduct.   Suspended for the fixture against Smeeth & Brabourne (22/3/20).

Connor Little (Bromley Green FC)  3 matches from 02/02/20- Violent conduct.   Suspended for the fixtures against Kennington (22/3/20), Nailbox (29/3/20) and one other to be confirmed game.

George Lloyd (Singleton Barn FC)   2 matches from 09/02/20- Use of offensive language.   Suspended for the fixtures against Smeeth & Brabourne (22/3/20) and Pilgrims Sunday (29/3/20).

Lenny Russell (Bromley Green FC Reserves)   3 matches from 15/03/20- Violent conduct.   Suspended for the fixtures against Aldington Res (15/3/20), Pilgrims Sunday (22/3/20) and Charing Res (29/3/20).

Tony Spicer (Charing FC Reserves)   3 matches from 19/01/20- Serious foul play.   Suspended for the fixtures against Kingsnorth Pilgrims (15/3/20), Ashford United Thirds (22/3/20) and Bromley Green Res (29/3/20).

When a player has been banned it is the responsibility of the Secretary of the relevant football club to contact the KCFA to give them a list of the fixtures that covers the match ban their player has received. If a named fixture is cancelled for any reason then the Secretary must recontact the KCFA and name another fixture. If a player plays after he had been banned and the fixtures have not been notified to the KCFA this could lead to charges of playing an ineligible player.

Suspensions for red card offences ALWAYS commence 7 days from the date of the offence – irrespective of receipt of report or notification. Non receipt of paperwork is not an excuse. The club are aware when a player is dismissed and a suspension commences 7 days later. If the club has not received its paperwork or notification within four working days of the game, the club must bring this to the attention of the county FA.

You can contact the KCFA by phoning 01622 791850.


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